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Fringe & Other London shows
by Hubert Essakow, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Tamarin Stott, Kirill Burlov
at Print Room at The Coronet
Exploring a historical London and its people from over 100 years ago, this evening of work in progress will draw inspiration from specific theatrical sources such as the first opera to be performed at the Victorian playhouse, and those who famously graced the Coronet stage such as Sarah Bernhardt, to the wider historical themes of the period including the Belle Epoque, and a world on the verge of political upheaval.
(from 23 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, adapted by Kerry Shale
at JW3 - Jewish Community Centre London
The 2000 Year Old Man takes the audience on a journey through all the major earthly discoveries: fire, sex and the nectarine. He reveals his memories of Joan of Arc ('what a cutie'), Robin Hood ('he stole from everybody and kept it') and the Spanish Inquisition (years before Monty Python).
(from 09 Mar 2015 - Closing on 22 Mar 2015)
by Chris Dunkley
at Finborough Theatre

(from 26 Apr 2015 - Closing on 12 May 2015)
by April De Angelis
at Tricycle Theatre
A black comedy that reimagines the meaning of family and explores how the choices we make can change our lives forever.
(from 07 Apr 2015 - Closing on 02 May 2015)
by Simon Davies
at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Harnessing the heroics of Grace Darling, who launched a daring rescue mission of shipwrecked sailors, the intuition of Captain Bligh, who journeyed over 4,000 miles with the help of just a sextant and compass after being abandoned by his crew, and the intellect of Sir Francis Drake, one of the first men to circumnavigate the globe, audiences will live through their very own nautical adventure.
(from 28 Mar 2015 - Closing on 31 Aug 2015)
By Arthur Miller
at Richmond Theatre
1947. Joe and Kate Keller, an all-American couple, are living with the ghosts of World War II. Joe is successful, a self-made businessman, loving family man and pillar of the community. He is a partner in a machine shop building fighter plane parts. Joe and Kate’s happiness is clouded by one thing - their son is missing in action, presumed dead by all but his mother …
(from 31 Mar 2015 - Closing on 04 Apr 2015)
music and lyrics by David Essex
at Brookside Theatre
Set in the late 1970?s against the backdrop of a travelling funfair owned by widower Levi, who's concerned about his restless son, Jack. Fortune-teller Rosa can see danger and tragedy in their paths but can she change their destiny? Dodgems and motorbikes, candy floss and fights, along with romance and rock and roll mean you're sure to go on a rollercoaster of a ride, but beware -all is not always fun at the fair! This moving story will reach out to parents and anyone who's ever been torn by love.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
by Agatha Christie
at Richmond Theatre
A group of 10 strangers are lured to a remote island off the coast of Devon. Upon arrival it is discovered that their host, an eccentric millionaire, is missing… Stranded on the island by a torrential storm and haunted by an ancient nursery rhyme, one by one the guests begin to die… With only the fallen believed to be innocent who amongst them is the killer?
(from 26 May 2015 - Closing on 30 May 2015)
By James Graham
at Bush, The
Set against a Britain of spending cuts, high unemployment and economic instability, The Angry Brigade tells the story of a group of four British Anarchists who terrorised the country in the 1970s, and the police manhunt that tracked them down.
(from 30 Apr 2015 - Closing on 13 Jun 2015)
By Emma Adams
at Theatre503
77-year-old Norma is having a tricky day. She can’t finish the crossword and Joy keeps stealing her recliner. Not to mention Helen next door has twisted her ankle falling from a weather balloon, they’ve run out of Class A drugs and the Utility Inspector just popped round to see if it’s time for her involuntary euthanasia...
(from 07 Apr 2015 - Closing on 02 May 2015)
by Sophocles, adapted by Roy Williams
at Theatre Royal, Stratford East
When Creon refuses to bury the body of Antigone’s unruly brother, her anger quickly turns to defiance. Creon, in an attempt to retain control, condemns her to a torturous death - she’s to be buried alive. Antigone is a story about loyalty, truth and human nature and what happens when one person stands against the rules.
(from 19 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
By Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman
at Menier Chocolate Factory
The American Dream goes sour in this sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing examination of the people throughout history who have tried - and sometimes succeeded - in assassinating the President of the United States.
(from 21 Nov 2014 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
book by Jeff Whitty and music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
at Greenwich Theatre
Meet Princeton, a bright-eyed graduate who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Soon discovering that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q, he finds himself moving in with some truly quirky characters.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 24 May 2015)
book by Jeff Whitty and music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
at Richmond Theatre
Meet Princeton, a bright-eyed graduate who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Soon discovering that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q, he finds himself moving in with some truly quirky characters.
(from 27 Oct 2015 - Closing on 31 Oct 2015)
by Effie Samara
at The Hope Theatre
Baby is a play about a woman’s right to self-determination. Dr. Antonia Innes-Kerr is one of the most gifted surgeons of her generation. But choosing between testifying against a male colleague and convincing him to make her pregnant will prove the most challenging operation of her life.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 02 May 2015)
by Euripides
at Theatro Technis
High above the city of Thebes, all the women of the town are running wild. Their jubilant, drug-induced frenzy is orchestrated by the god, Dionysus, who seeks revenge upon Pentheus, King of Thebes disguised as a foreigner. Pentheus must end this anarchy and restore order, but soon finds himself irresistibly drawn towards the charming stranger and the blind intoxication of the rebels.
(from 05 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Mar 2015)
By Claire Mcgowan
at The London Theatre
A gentle comedy drama about a wood, some cars, some relationships and ....well you know.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
Created by Amalia Hernandez
at London Coliseum
A 'captivating spectacle' of live music and dance drawing on Mexico’s rich and varied history.
(from 22 Jul 2015 - Closing on 25 Jul 2015)
by Tim Evanicki and Esther Daack
at Above the Stag
Join the wide eyed and innocent Billy as he visits the bathhouse for the first time. He's looking for love, but the other patrons seem to be seeking something a little more temporary. This is a musical comedy show for mature audiences, with adult themes, language, and scantily clad men!
(from 25 Feb 2015 - Closing on 29 Mar 2015)
By Sarah Woods
at Pleasance Theatre
Three interwoven stories unlock the frustrations and passions of characters struggling with their bank balances, their histories and their own sense of self.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Eirini Dermitzaki
at The Space
A bitter-sweet story about mother-daughter relationship.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 19 Apr 2015)
By Anton Chekhov, Adapted and directed by d'Animate
at The Vaults
Three one-act plays performed by three actors within one hour - this is Chekhov as you have never seen before. Using a combination of physical theatre, farce, mime and dance, 'Bitesize Chekhov' presents some of the great writer's lesser-known works to a 21st century audience. Guaranteed to excite and delight both novices and connoisseurs alike, d'Animate breathes fresh life into these classic texts, sending the audience on a voyage of emotion, whilst simultaneously demystifying one of the theatre's greatest ever playwrights.
(from 04 Mar 2015 - Closing on 08 Mar 2015)
by Marc Camoletti
at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch
It’s the swinging sixties and bachelor Bernard couldn’t be happier: a luxury flat in Paris and three gorgeous air hostesses all engaged to him without knowing anything about each other. But there’s turbulence ahead when his hapless friend Robert comes to stay and throws him right off-course!
(from 06 Mar 2015 - Closing on 28 Mar 2015)
by Julie Everton and Josie Melia
at The Cockpit
1984. The height of Thatcher's power. 30lbs of gelignite rip through 6 floors of the Grand Hotel Brighton, shattering the Tory conference.
(from 13 Apr 2015 - Closing on 02 May 2015)
by Robert Holman
at Print Room at The Coronet
A Breakfast of Eels is about the pain of growing up, the difficulty of survival and the journey to create an identity and sense of belonging in a world without parents.
(from 16 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by Joy Wilkinson
at Unicorn Theatre
Vesta Tilley was a pioneering star, whose celebrated act as a male impersonator made her one of the most popular and highly paid variety performers of her generation. Her taboo-busting routine was loved by both men and women in the reserved society of Edwardian Britain. When World War One broke out, her much-loved musical act played a crucial role in military recruitment and she was nicknamed ‘Britain’s Best Recruitment Sergeant’.
(from 13 Feb 2015 - Closing on 15 Mar 2015)
Play by Alan Parker, Words & Music by Paul Williams
at Lyric Hammersmith
Bugsy Malone is set in Prohibition era New York with rival gangsters Fat Sam and Dandy Dan at logger heads. As custard pies fly and Dan’s destructive 'splurge guns' wreak havoc, Bugsy Malone, a penniless ex-boxer and all round nice guy, falls for Blousey Brown, an aspiring singer. Will Bugsy be able to resist seductive songstress Tallulah, Fat Sam's moll and Bugsy's old flame, and stay out of trouble while helping Fat Sam to defend his business?
(from 11 Apr 2015 - Closing on 01 Aug 2015)
By Jonathan Tolins
at Menier Chocolate Factory
About an out-of-work actor working in Barbra Streisand’s personal shopping mall in the basement of her California home.
(from 12 Mar 2015 - Closing on 02 May 2015)
Music by Terry Davies & Rodion Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite (after Bizet’s Carmen)
at New Wimbledon Theatre
The familiar 19th Century Spanish cigarette factory becomes a greasy garage-diner in 1960’s America where the dreams and passions of a small-town are shattered by the arrival of a handsome stranger. Fuelled by heat and desire, the inhabitants are driven into an unstoppable spiral of greed, lust, betrayal and revenge.
(from 21 Apr 2015 - Closing on 25 Apr 2015)
Music by Terry Davies & Rodion Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite (after Bizet’s Carmen)
at Sadler's Wells
The familiar 19th Century Spanish cigarette factory becomes a greasy garage-diner in 1960’s America where the dreams and passions of a small-town are shattered by the arrival of a handsome stranger. Fuelled by heat and desire, the inhabitants are driven into an unstoppable spiral of greed, lust, betrayal and revenge.
(from 14 Jul 2015 - Closing on 09 Aug 2015)
music by Michael Gore, lyrics by Dean Pitchford and book by Lawrence D. Cohen, based on the novel by Stephen King
at Southwark Playhouse
A taunted and terrified seventeen-year-old misfit, Carrie White has a burning secret... a secret that will eventually ignite her revenge. Make your date for the Senior Prom to see who will be crowned Queen, and who will have blood on their hands. After one night with Carrie you will always remember her name.
(from 01 May 2015 - Closing on 30 May 2015)
By Bertolt Brecht, translated by Frank McGuinness
at Unicorn Theatre
Blood runs through the streets and the Governor's severed head is nailed to the gates of the city. Grusha is a young servant girl who must make a difficult choice: should she save her own life or sacrifice everything to rescue the abandoned child of the Governor’s wife?
(from 16 Jan 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
by James Christopher
at Drayton Arms Theatre
Set in a sinister farmhouse on the border between Suffolk and North Essex, this psychological drama is partly inspired by the fateful motifs of film noirs. A disturbing memory resurfaces when Eric and his wife Susan realise an accidental meeting with wealthy playboy, Charlie, and his young Ukrainian girlfriend, Ella, is not as it seems.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 28 Mar 2015)
by Thomas Middleton
at The Rose Playhouse, Bankside
The Yellowhammers desperately push their daughter at rich Sir Walter Whorehound; who in turn is trying to offload his mistress to their son. Meanwhile Allwit welcomes Sir Walter as his wife's lover in return for a fat paycheque. All the while Touchwood Senior rents himself out to childless couples as a walking inseminator, threatening to disinherit Sir Walter; as his younger brother tries to steal Yellowhammer's daughter away from Sir Walter's clutches.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 28 Mar 2015)
by Ben Weatherill
at Finborough Theatre
An exploration of the human cost of our enormous appetite for cheap meat.
(from 01 Mar 2015 - Closing on 17 Mar 2015)
by Circolombia
at Roundhouse, The
Inspired by Colombia’s diverse communities and featuring 14 performers from across Colombia. Mixes 'spectacular' circus with dance and an original soundtrack.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 03 May 2015)
by Blind Summit Theatre / Adapted from the novel by Sapphire
at New Diorama Theatre
A verbatim puppet theatre experiment that delves into the lives of people on the political 'fringe', in the build up to the general election. / Push is a powerful and disturbing story told by Precious and her classmates, enlivened by humour, joy and 1980s music and dance moves.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
By Mark Healy
at The Space
Frederick Clegg has developed an obsession with Miranda Grey. An entomologist, he devotes himself to making her the latest addition to his 'collection'. Both captive in their own way, the two characters begin to build their separate resolves.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
by Neil Smith, after Strindberg
at Jack Studio Theatre
A glass door revolves in the entrance to a deserted hotel lobby. Waiting for his wife to return, a young man forges a bond with another guest. But his new companion hides a dark agenda that threatens to expose all three to the true cost of giving your heart wholly to another.
(from 24 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
By Robin Soans
at Arcola Theatre, Studio 1
On the eve of one of the most important games of his career, Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas received a warning: The Sun newspaper was going to 'out' him as gay.
(from 20 May 2015 - Closing on 20 Jun 2015)
By Michael Hastings
at Southwark Playhouse
The work-room of a Savile Row tailors, 1953. Two master craftsmen at daggers drawn: Polish-born Spijak insists that nothing can beat the excellence of a hand-sewn suit, while Eric uses his machine to work at twice the speed and earn twice the money. Sparks fly as each fights his own corner with biting wit and vicious humour. Into this battleground steps Maurice, a teenager at the very start of his apprenticeship. Will he survive the gruelling training to become a master tailor? Or will he, as Spijak’s daughter urges him to, escape?
(from 11 Mar 2015 - Closing on 04 Apr 2015)
Adapted by Shaun McKenna from Peter James' novel 'Dead Simple'
at Richmond Theatre
Michael Harrison thinks he has it all; great career, good friends and a beautiful fiancée. But when his stag night prank goes horribly wrong, Michael finds himself alone, buried alive and staring death in the face. As time runs out and the terror grows, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace tries to solve his mysterious disappearance, but begins to fear that Michael will never be found in time.
(from 09 Mar 2015 - Closing on 15 Mar 2015)
By Matt Hartley
at Hampstead Theatre - Downstairs
Rachel and Ben want to buy a flat in London. And so do their friends, Melanie and Sam. But what with rent, tax, student loans, pensions and bills, it’s impossible to save for a deposit. So the foursome come up with a fast-track solution: rent a tiny one bedroom flat between the four of them and split all costs 50/50. It’s only for a year after all – a piece of cake. But with paper thin walls and space growing sparser by the day, which will they sacrifice first – the friendship, the relationship, or the dream of buying their own property?
(from 12 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by John Whiting, based on Aldous Huxley's book The Devils of Loudun
at The Bridewell Theatre
The play tells the story of Father Urbain Grandier, a young, educated, charming priest. People from around the country are drawn to the small city of Loudun to hear him speak. When he turns down the position of head priest at St Ursula's Convent, the convent's prioress takes umbrage, avenging herself by claiming possession by devils set upon her by Grandier.
(from 17 Mar 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
by Tim Foley
at Old Red Lion Theatre
The Herming family have moved to rural Northern Ireland – also known as the middle of nowhere. The Dad makes stuff in his shed, the Mam pops pills in her armchair, and Johnny the son avoids them both as much as possible. So far, so normal. But when Johnny comes home from university, everything has gone a little strange.
(from 26 May 2015 - Closing on 20 Jun 2015)
By Dan Davies
at The Space
Young director Chloe wants to make a documentary about the marketisation of universities. Jaded channel commissioner Christopher seizes on it as the last chance to redeem his career. But Head of Factual and self-proclaimed 'rebel' Toby demands something 'watchable', so Chloe’s idealistic film becomes a sensationalist look at 'Molotov cocktail throwing anarchists'.
(from 10 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
Based on the original novel by Bram Stoker, adapted by Simon James Collier
at Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Dracula, Bram Stoker’s enduring horror classic tells the story of newly qualified lawyer Jonathan Harker, who arrives in Transylvania to meet with the mysterious Count Dracula and help him with the purchase of a London home.
(from 10 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
by Doris Lessing
at Orange Tree Theatre
It's 1958. Tony, back from National Service disillusioned and dissatisfied, finds his mother still the political activist she's been since her since youth. To Myra, Tony's attitude is a mystery - where's the anger? Myra and her friend Milly's restless Bohemianism leads them to a complex, erotic entanglement with the younger generation and exposes fault-lines in their own generation's complacency. They're about to learn that the personal is political.
(from 15 Apr 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
by Florian Zeller in a translation by Christopher Hampton
at Tricycle Theatre
Now 80 years old, Andre was once a tap dancer. He lives with his daughter Anne and her husband Antoine. Or was he an engineer whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre? The thing is, he is still wearing his pyjamas, and he can’t find his watch. He is starting to wonder if he’s losing control.
(from 07 May 2015 - Closing on 13 Jun 2015)
By Henrik Ibsen
at Barons Court Theatre
The drama charts the story of Margit, Lady of Solhaug, who is awaiting her anniversary feast when an unexpected visitor brings forth memories of her lost youth. Suffocating in the gilded Solhaug, Margit plots a dramatic, desperate escape from the prison of her life.
(from 08 Apr 2015 - Closing on 25 Apr 2015)
By Glen Neath; Created with Dr Tristan Bekinschtein
at Battersea Arts Centre
Using images, light and subliminal messages to manipulate the senses and transport the mind into other dimensions, Fiction will then plunge its audience into complete darkness and into a 3-D sound world using binaural technology.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
by Benjamin Farry, Simon London and David Van Horn
at Dept W
It is 2015. London has fallen. The deadly Z virus is transforming the global population into a rabid horde of the infected. With societal structure collapsing, humanity is faced with a desperate battle for survival.
(from 04 Apr 2015 - Booking to 05 Jul 2015)
A new version of Mozart's Opera
at The Vaults
A digital remastering of Mozart's classic opera, Giovanni invites you to join him for the evening to witness his climactic, demonic and appalling downfall. An operatic orgy of drinking, lascivious tricks and tense confrontation, the audience are drawn into his most intimate circle to judge him, drink with him and condemn him in his final moments.
(from 25 Feb 2015 - Closing on 08 Mar 2015)
By Russell Labey; Based on the novel 'Fathers of Frankenstein' by Christopher Bram
at Southwark Playhouse
Frankenstein director James Whale, long forgotten by the studios and in reclusive Hollywood retirement has fallen victim to a series of strokes. The only demons he fights now are in his head. Handsome new gardener, Clayton Boone, becomes an unlikely friend and unwitting player in Whale’s grand finale.
(from 05 Feb 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Selma Dimitrijevic
at Camden People's Theatre
The story of a 30-something daughter visiting her aging mother, depicting the most simple of conversations from baths, to tea, boyfriends and the weather.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 31 May 2015)
By Jonathan Hansler & Clive Greenwood
at The Cooper Room – The Museum of Comedy
March 27 2002. Dudley Moore dies and finds himself in a bar… this must be heaven? Not quite! This bizarre bar is in a comedian’s limbo run by his old partner Peter Cook, and they face divine judgement for 'Derek & Clive'.
(from 03 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Philip Pullman, Adapted by Philip Wilson
at The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf
Follow Hansel and Gretel’s rumbling bellies as they wander the forest to find a freshly baked cottage and a rancid old witch, and watch an ambitious amphibious creature try his slimey luck in the sack with a shallow Princess.
(from 21 Nov 2014 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by Alan Bennett
at The Bridewell Theatre
The Habit of Art is set in a National Theatre rehearsal room and has a play-within-a-play structure. We meet a group of actors who, abandoned by their director for the day, rehearse a run-through of the play Caliban's Day - the subject of which is an imagined meeting between poet W. H. Auden and composer Benjamin Britten.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
Music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman; Based on the 1988 film of the same name
at Churchill Theatre
It’s Baltimore 1962, where Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, is on a mission to follow her dreams and dance her way onto national TV. Tracy’s audition makes her a local star and soon she is using her new-found fame to fight for equality, bagging local heartthrob Link Larkin along the way.
(from 02 May 2016 - Closing on 07 May 2016)
Music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman; Based on the 1988 film of the same name
at New Wimbledon Theatre
It’s Baltimore 1962, where Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, is on a mission to follow her dreams and dance her way onto national TV. Tracy’s audition makes her a local star and soon she is using her new-found fame to fight for equality, bagging local heartthrob Link Larkin along the way.
(from 02 Nov 2015 - Closing on 07 Nov 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at The Cockpit
Never paralysed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament with matters getting completely out of hand and everyone dying a very nasty death.
(from 17 Feb 2015 - Closing on 15 Mar 2015)
by Anat Gov, music by Shlomi Shaban and Michal Solomon
at Arcola Theatre
Carrie Evans, a theatre star in her late forties, arrives at an Oncology clinic to begin a series of treatments to prolong her life. From her interactions with doctors and talking to other patients who will try anything from drugs with unpronounceable names to horse’s milk to cannabis smoking, she finally reaches liberation in her realisation that there is always a choice.
(from 28 Jan 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
by Francis Turnly
at Finborough Theatre
On Jingu Bridge in Tokyo, teenage girls dress in cosplay outfits for fun, fashion, and the fantasy of being someone else, but for Mari, Keiko and Yumi, their schooldays are over..
(from 24 Feb 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
By Mary Chase
at Richmond Theatre
Elwood P. Dowd has only one character flaw: an unwavering friendship with a six-foot tall, invisible rabbit named Harvey. In order to save the family's reputation, Elwood's sister Veta takes him to see psychiatrist Dr William Chumley.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
by Giles Cole
at Jermyn Street Theatre
In the aftermath of the last general election, the political parties are wrangling over who will form the coalition government. Meanwhile, in a village near the Norfolk coast, a disillusioned English teacher and parttime election volunteer comes home for a rare visit and tries to put his life in order.
(from 10 Mar 2015 - Closing on 04 Apr 2015)
HEAVENS OF INVENTION Double Bill: The Man With The Golden Pen / Larry
By Mark Burgess
at Jermyn Street Theatre
The Man with the Golden Pen: Fleming, creator of James Bond, Secret Agent 007, stands before the audience, pink gin in hand, a terrified look in his eyes ... At 42 he is about to do the thing he most fears; he's getting married!
Larry: It is 1975 and Olivier begins the day in his New York hotel suite. He is still recovering from a series of life-threatening illnesses and has feared he would never be fit enough, or even asked, to work again. But a surprise telephone call from film director John Schlesinger has banished those fears and breathed new life into the most resilient of actors.
(from 02 Mar 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Peter Souter
at Hampstead Theatre Main Stage
It’s a new year and Juliet, young, smart, and sassy, has got herself a fresh start in a new flat. But amidst the boxes, there’s a strange guy and he is also moving in. He says her agency has messed up and her flat is actually his flat - and he’s not leaving. And the real problem is that, well, he’s rather gorgeous…
(from 21 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Stewart Pemutt
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Retired psychiatrist Joy Westendarp has opened up her lovely home to women who have been rejected by the mental health system. Sixty-one year virgin and newcomer Alice doesn't appear to have any problems, but she is bent on taking the place over.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 06 Jun 2015)
By Paula Vogel
at Southwark Playhouse
1969, Maryland, USA. Lil’ Bit is a precocious 17 year old frustrated with small-town life, her juvenile friends and her overbearing family. The only person who really appreciates her is her Uncle Peck.
(from 11 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
By Silva Semerciyan
at Theatre503
Summer in small town America. Aimee Stright wants to be Banksy in a town that hates vandals. As outsiders investigate what happened on the day she walked into a church with a gun, it seems Aimee is one against the world and the world wants to know why.
(from 09 Jun 2015 - Closing on 04 Jul 2015)
Devised by Neil McPherson
at Finborough Theatre

(from 21 Apr 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
by Jonathan Moore
at The White Bear
Inigo follows the life of the Basque born nobleman and Christian revolutionary from ambitious hot-headed, street fighting hedonist with a lust for sensual pleasure and earthly glory to his conversion and subsequent adherence to the values of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
(from 03 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By Rebecca Lenkiewicz
at Bush, The
Following cuts totalling £350m, many ordinary people will find their access to justice restricted as their entitlement to free legal aid is withdrawn. Based on interviews with real people at all levels of the British justice system, this play aims to tell the stories of those ordinary people affected by the reforms and examine how these cuts are driving deeper cracks into the fabric of our society.
(from 03 Jul 2015 - Closing on 15 Aug 2015)
Created by Jerry Herman and Larry Alford
at St James Theatre (Studio)
A musical revue celebrating the works of Jerry Herman.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 15 Mar 2015)
By Chris Burgess
at Above The Gatehouse Pub
A celebration of some of the greatest Jewish performers in entertainment history.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 15 Mar 2015)
by The Faction
at New Diorama Theatre
A young girl shuns her father’s arranged marriage to fight on the battlefield. She is prepared to die for her country following her calling from God. Yet a snap decision in combat threatens her fanatical quest. This epic text sings with spirituality, patriarchy and militarism and remains as significant and relevant to audiences now as it did at its premiere.
(from 30 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at The Asylum
Shakespeare's tale of King Lear who divides his kingdom between his three daughters.
(from 18 Feb 2015 - Closing on 04 Mar 2015)
By Richard Sheridan
at The Vaults (The Cavern)
Jack has been the king of this castle for years. Does he own it? All he owns is the sleeping bag he calls a bed. But that castle, it’s his. And one day his daughter is going to join him and they’re going to live there, him and his princess, together. But Jack’s reign is threatened when Emmie, a young woman who has recently found herself homeless and on the streets, turns up on Jack’s turf.
(from 04 Mar 2015 - Closing on 08 Mar 2015)
by Jessica Sian
at Southwark Playhouse
Thandi is swotting for her exams and keeping well away from any distractions. In the stifling heat, two teenagers collide. Downing Klipdrift brandy, they create an alliance away from everything else. But scars take time to heal and, as the thunder threatens to strike, the real world crashes in.
(from 13 May 2015 - Closing on 06 Jun 2015)
by Mike Stone
at Old Red Lion Theatre
Obese, girlfriendless and struggling to make his way, Lardo (Daniel Buckley) is determined to join Tartan Wrestling Madness - the glamorous bad boys of the Scottish wrestling scene. When his dream finally comes true Lardo surprisingly becomes an overnight sensation, but the massive highs and crippling lows of being a professional wrestler soon threaten to overwhelm this unlikely hero.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 28 Mar 2015)
By St John Hankin
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Set in the Edwardian England of 1908, the work is startlingly modern in its outlook. As the suffragette movement grows, one woman, Janet De Mullins, defies her family and the traditions of the age, rejoicing in being a working mother and refusing to be tied to the institution of marriage. But her independence threatens the family line.
(from 03 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By Jonathan Lewis
at Jermyn Street Theatre
In the music room of a top fee-paying London school, a group of 18-year-olds must sit out an hour of “isolation” to cover a clash of exams and avoid the risk of cheating. But their supervising teacher has failed to turn up. In dealing with the dilemmas of the situation, the pupils gradually reveal a darker side to the pressures they are under.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 09 May 2015)
By Yve Blake
at The Vaults (Studio)
A celebration of the confessions we have all been desperate to share, inspired by over 1000 stories from strangers in 154 different cities sent in to Yve Blake's interactive website,
(from 11 Feb 2015 - Closing on 01 Mar 2015)
by Alice Birch
at Orange Tree Theatre
A house by the sea. Teddy wants more light. He's knocked that staircase down. Alison is soaked through. She's livid. Clarissa's ready to burst. They can't keep meeting like this. A dark, volatile new play that asks if we can ever let go.
(from 04 Feb 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Helen Benedict
at The Cockpit
A verbatim play telling the stories of 7 women's experiences in the US military during the Iraq war.
(from 06 May 2015 - Closing on 31 May 2015)
An original adaptation by Theatre Sans Frontieres of 'El Amor de Don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardín' by Federico Garcia Lorca
at Southwark Playhouse
In Lorca’s ‘garden of love’, the fantastical story of Don Perlimplin unfolds. A wealthy and studious man, he just wants to spend his days quietly reading books. Reluctantly he is persuaded to marry the gorgeous and much younger Belisa - but what has he let himself in for?
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 25 Apr 2015)
Book, Music and Lyrics by Elliot Davis and James Bourne
at Union Theatre
It's 1971. Michael Dork may be a computer geek but he's invented something that could change the world. He's also discovered girls: a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary. Holly is the girl: she has looks and brains and wants to be the first woman in space - well, this is 1971! But will she want Michael? Michael and his sci-fi obsessed, social-misfit friends, Lucas, Francis and Marvin are all set to change the course of history, fashion and dating - in no particular order, but just as soon as possible, especially the dating bit.
(from 25 Feb 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
by Snoo Wilson
at The Hope Theatre
Awoken from his deathbed by his favourite childhood teddy bear, Turing is led by the hand through the journey of his life, from glowing academia to New York drag bars, from triumph to disgrace.
(from 24 Feb 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at LOST Theatre
The classic story of free will versus fate has been played out in many different concepts, but this production aims to take the text back to its roots in a minimal and brutal adaptation.
(from 10 Feb 2015 - Closing on 01 Mar 2015)
By Sophie Treadwell
at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Silk Street Theatre
Inspired by the sensational trial of Ruth Snyder, a Long Island housewife who murdered her husband and died in the electric chair in 1927, this drama will see nine actresses share the role of the protagonist in scenes that explore the pressures of American industrial life.
(from 27 Mar 2015 - Closing on 01 Apr 2015)
Created by Tony Middleton 'Sonic'
at Grand Royale London Hyde Park
Experience close-up magic like never before in a show featuring the finest sleight of hand and indulge in the style and opulance of the Victorian masters of magic.
(from Apr 2014 - Closing on 26 Jun 2015)
By Adam Hughes
at Old Red Lion Theatre
Inspired by true events and commemorating the 30th anniversary of one of Britain’s bloodiest and most tragic footballing seasons
(from 03 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By James Phillips
at St James Theatre (Studio)
McQUEEN is a journey into the visionary imagination and dark dream world of Alexander McQueen, fashion's greatest contemporary artist. Set on a single London night, it is more than a bio-play.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 06 Jun 2015)
by Kerri McLean
at The Vaults
This is the tale of homeless Rosa Lee, and 12-year old Marika, who watch over the River Thames hoping the mermaid will appear, and make their dreams come true. But when Marika vanishes one night, Rosa Lee finds herself under the suspicions of the police.
(from 04 Mar 2015 - Closing on 08 Mar 2015)
by Josh Azouz
at The Yard Theatre
When Adam was banished from Eden, he sat in the river that flowed from the garden. Adam immersed in the water, in the very first Mikvah, repenting, begging to transform back to an original state of perfection.
(from 17 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
By Simon Longman
at Soho Theatre (Upstairs)
Set in the heart of the countryside, the work tells the story of two men in their twenties; Paul, who can’t find a job, and Snowy, who can’t find himself.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 08 Mar 2015)
Created with Dr Tristan Bekinschtein
at Battersea Arts Centre, The Grand Hall
A journey into the depths of a person’s psyche: as Lily unearths her forgotten past the truth changes everything. Enter a deliciously warped world of striking imagery, multiple languages and beautiful music.
(from 04 Mar 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
By Ian Buckley
at Barons Court Theatre
Think of the worst nightmare a woman can live through. Will Liz's shakily held-together world survive another shattering discovery? The Moment We Met is a mix of sexual violence, suffering and the struggle for truth and justice.
(from 10 Mar 2015 - Closing on 29 Mar 2015)
Book by Eric Idle, score by Eric Idle and John Du Prez.
at New Wimbledon Theatre
Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
(from 08 Jun 2015 - Closing on 13 Jun 2015)
by Alison Skilbeck
at King's Head Pub Theatre
In October 1942, Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the President, takes a dangerous trip to war-time London, to visit US troops, and see how the British, most importantly the women, are coping.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 09 May 2015)
By John Hollingworth
at Tricycle Theatre
As the nation questions immigration policies and military support in the Middle East, one family face their own internal conflict of faith, belonging, and who gets to call themselves British.
(from 19 Feb 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
By Matilda Ibini
at The Bread & Roses Theatre
About slavery in Nineteenth Century Barbados.
(from 10 Mar 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
By Matilda Ibini
at Theatre503
About slavery in nineteenth-century Barbados. Set on a sugar plantation in Barbados in 1808, with a mix of sexual intrigue, choral music and extreme racial tension. Muscovado provides a snapshot at the heart of the Fairbranch family and their slaves, accompanied by an original musical score and atmospheric soundscape performed live.
(from 24 Feb 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Belvedere Pashun
at Ye Olde Rose and Crown
The circumstances of her death less than 18 months later on August 5th 1962, from an overdose of barbiturates, have been the subject of conjecture. Though officially classified as a "probable suicide", the possibilities of an accidental overdose or a homicide have not been ruled out.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 22 Mar 2015)
By Adam Gwon
at Rosemary Branch
When Deb loses her most precious possession – the notes to her graduate thesis – she unwittingly starts a chain of events that turns the ordinary days of four New Yorkers into something extraordinary. Told through a series of intricately connected songs and vignettes, Ordinary Days is an original musical about growing up and enjoying the view.
(from 18 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at The Rose Playhouse, Bankside
The entire play is set in the meeting room of the company's office. Everyone is under constant surveillance, private and business lives entwine, workers are caught in a bubble without privacy or time off outside the Corporation. There's always someone watching you, analysing your every move and waiting for an opportunity to stab you in your back.
(from 03 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at Waterloo East Theatre
The action is transfered to the cityscape of modern London. In the cutthroat financial world, we dive into an abyss of power and intrigue, riddled with suspicion and jealousy. Beneath the surface of this civilised and polite environment we encounter brutality and callousness.
(from 10 Mar 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
by Tom Taylor
at Finborough Theatre

(from 29 Mar 2015 - Closing on 14 Apr 2015)
By Eliza Power
at Hen and Chickens Theatre
Claire has spent twenty years playing the muse for her novelist husband Neil. As he tires of their marriage, and develops crippling writers block, Claire conspires with her brother Mike to bring Neil some inspiration; in the form of call girl Isabelle. But as Claire loses her grip, a battle of the muses begins.
(from 24 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Harry Melling
at Arcola Theatre (studio 2)
The earth grumbles. Growling. Rising. The city street-lamps flicker up. We're in a field somewhere in London. A pedlar boy awakes lying on the grass, in his hand a firework. How did he get here? To answer that question he must venture back to the very start via the doorsteps of privileged London and the cracks that swallow thousands of young Londoners every year.
(from 04 Mar 2015 - Closing on 28 Mar 2015)
Inspired by Life of Rock Legend Nick Drake
at The Phoenix Artist Club,
40 years after his mysterious death, singer/songwriter Alan Phoenix has become a hero to millions. A young journalist, Chloe obsessed with learning the real story behind Phoenix's tragic life and death because it mirrors that of her brother, finds that the people who knew Phoenix have wildly differing memories of the same events.
(from 10 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Ella Carmen Greenhill
at New Diorama Theatre
Rose loves her brother Mikey. Mikey loves Rose, Bruce Willis films and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but he hates change. When their mum is diagnosed with leukaemia, their world is plunged into chaos.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
by Mustapha Matura
at Orange Tree Theatre
1950s Port of Spain, Samuel, a young tailor's assistant, dreams of Trinidad's independence. On the eve of carnival everyone fills the streets, dressed up to play mas. This annual celebration turns to tragedy and spurs Samuel on to make a decision that will change the political landscape of the future of this vibrant, volatile island.
(from 11 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by BeFrank Theatre Company
at New Diorama Theatre
The country is in a state of siege. The capital is on fire. Riot-police, specialist units and snipers are fighting the mob violently. Protesters are arming themselves with homemade weapons, torching police buses, throwing petrol bombs and besieging government buildings…
(from 28 Apr 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
by Marina Carr
at Old Red Lion Theatre
Portia Coughlan lives in a monstrous limbo, haunted by a yearning for her spectral twin brother lying at the bottom of the Belmont River, unable to find any love for her wealthy husband and children, seeking solace in soulless affairs, deeply afraid of what she might do.
(from 28 Apr 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
by Gilbert and Sullivan
at Finborough Theatre
The first London production in twenty years of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta
(from 24 Mar 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
By Alan Ayckbourn
at The London Theatre
It intimately follows a few days in the lives of six characters, in four tightly-interwoven stories through 54 scenes.
(from 28 Jul 2015 - Closing on 02 Aug 2015)
Book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan; Music and lyrics by Mel Brooks
at Churchill Theatre
Impoverished by a string of flops, New York producer Max Bialystock recruits timid accountant Leo Bloom to help him pull off Broadway's greatest scam. Together they aim to produce the worst show ever and run away to Rio with millions, but they learn that Showbusiness can always find a way to kick you in the teeth.
(from 06 Mar 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
RADIANCE: The Passion of Marie Curie
by Alan Alda
at Tabard Theatre
In the intellectual and creative ferment of early 20th century Paris, Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre, struggle through endless hours of physically dangerous work in order to master the secrets of radiation. Reaching a remarkable breakthrough, they share a Nobel Prize, the first ever granted to a woman. But the world isn't fully ready to accept Marie's incredible achievement. After Pierre's death, a love affair with the brilliant, unhappily married physicist Paul Langevin rescues her from depression, but at the cost of a public scandal. It threatens to end Marie's career just when she might be awarded an unprecedented second Nobel Prize.
(from 04 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
adapted by Mike Kenny based on E. Nesbit's novel The Railway Children
at King's Cross Theatre
The Railway Children tells the story of Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis, three children whose lives change dramatically when their father is mysteriously taken away. They move from London to a cottage in rural Yorkshire with their mother, where they befriend the local railway porter, Perks, and embark on a magical journey of discovery, friendship and adventure.
(from 16 Dec 2014 - Closing on 06 Sep 2015)
By Sarah Cameron
at Soho Theatre (Upstairs)
Tells the story of a father who eats and eats until he turns into the chair he is sitting upon, the wife doomed to cook his meals and their 'inveesible' daughter.
(from 24 Feb 2015 - Closing on 01 Mar 2015)
By Deborah Jones
at The Puppet Theatre Barge
Retells the popular story of Little Red Riding Hood with a new twist to the tale.
(from 17 Jan 2015 - Closing on 15 Mar 2015)
By Thomas Middleton; Adapted by Gavin Harrington-Odedra
at Jack Studio Theatre
Vindice, in disguise, takes a position in the corrupt and decadent Italian court. His masquerade, a device to seek utter revenge for the death of his one true love, leads to one of the bloodiest and most violent Jacobean plays of all time. After all, it is a Revenger’s Tragedy.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 21 Mar 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at New Diorama Theatre
A stroke of fate - and a raucous party - leads a forbidden relationship to blossom as Romeo and Juliet are unable to resist their desire for each other. Shakespeare’s star crossed lovers are synonymous with young love. Conflict, passion and heartbreak burst out of this legendary text.
(from 06 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By William Shakespeare; Adapted by Rasta Thomas
at Peacock Theatre
A contemporary dance interpretation of Shakespeare’s enduring romantic tragedy.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 29 Mar 2015)
By Marco Ramirez
at Bush, The
Tells the story of boxer Jay Jackson, the first African-American Heavyweight Champion of the World. It is loosely based on the real-life story of Jack Johnson, whose story is one of great talent and triumph, but also racism and injustice.
(from 13 Mar 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
By Gilbert & Sullivan
at King's Head Pub Theatre
Spooky spoof on melodrama, with mad damsels, moustachioed villains and a gallery of deceased ancestors.
(from 17 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)
Written and composed by Barbara Jane Mackie
at Landor Theatre
Based on the true story of two nice ladies from the Hampshire WI, Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels, who set out on a campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution and to improve conditions for working girls.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 19 Apr 2015)
By Sam. H Freeman
at Southwark Playhouse
This morning Scarlet went viral. In a video she doesn’t remember making. With 10 men she doesn’t remember meeting. And now no one’s looking at anyone but her.
(from 15 Apr 2015 - Closing on 09 May 2015)
By Sheriden
at The London Theatre
In The School for Scandal, the author mainly satirizes malicious gossip and hypocrisy in the fashionable society of London in the 1770s
(from 24 Mar 2015 - Closing on 29 Mar 2015)
By Ken Urban
at Theatre503
Charles, a disgraced New York Times journalist, arrives in Rwanda for an exclusive interview with two Hutu nuns. Charged with war crimes, the nuns must convince the world of their innocence during the 1994 genocide. When an unknown survivor contradicts the nuns’ story, Charles must decide between saving his career or telling a murkier truth that might condemn the nuns to a life in prison.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 06 Jun 2015)
by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock
at Landor Theatre
She Loves Me revolves around one little shop in Budapest and two of its employees. Despite being consistently at odds with each other at work, through lonely hearts ads they unknowingly become each other’s anonymous pen pals and a world of witty romance evolves.
(from 04 Feb 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
by Idle Motion
at New Diorama Theatre
In 1934 a young German refugee flees to Paris and discovers the genius of photography She reinvents herself as Gerda Taro, becoming one of the pioneering women to photograph the front line. In this production Idle Motion expose one of the most remarkable untold stories of our age.
(from 24 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by Anders Lustgarten
at Arcola Theatre
The Roboski massacre is one of the most controversial episodes in the 'war on terror'. Piecing together the fragments of the tragedy, Shrapnel: 34 Fragments of a Massacre, dares to ask what a massacre is made of.
(from 11 Mar 2015 - Closing on 16 Mar 2015)
Music by Richard Rodgers Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II; Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse
at New Wimbledon Theatre
Tells the true story of the world-famous singing family, from their romantic beginnings and search for happiness, to their thrilling escape to freedom as their beloved Austria becomes part of the Third Reich at the start of WWII.
(from 30 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
By Hugh Whitemore
at Hampstead Theatre Main Stage
Stevie Smith commutes to the West End to her work as a secretary at a publishing company. Her evenings are spent at home with her beloved Aunt - a world of Battenberg cake, gossip, Ginger Nuts and sherry in tiny glasses. But at the same time as leading this seemingly mundane suburban existence, she is writing the piercing poetry and prose that will one day make her famous.
(from 06 Mar 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Hugh Wheeler from an adaptation by Christopher Bond
at Harrington's Pie and Mash Shop
Set in Victorian London, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street tells the story of the eponymous barber who seeks vengeance on what he sees as a merciless world by murdering his customers and, with the help of his landlady, the romantically inclined Mrs. Lovett, bakes their bodies into meat pies, which are fed to London's avid and unknowing populace.
(from 12 Mar 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
by The Faction
at New Diorama Theatre
Tom Ripley is a nobody given the unexpected chance to make a name for himself in Europe. When he first meets Dickie Greenleaf, Tom’s skills for forging signatures, telling lies and impersonating just about anybody are nothing more than impressive games. But as his friendship with Dickie grows to obsession, Tom’s talents have very dangerous consequences.
(from 10 Jan 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
by Elchin
at Testbed1
Telescope introduces us to a man hovering halfway to heaven after dying.
(from 25 Feb 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Darren Clark, Amy Draper and Paul Jenkins
at Southwark Playhouse
Set in a timeless Buenos Aires cabaret club before, during and after Argentina’s Dirty War, the play tells the story of one Mother’s search for her daughter.
(from 18 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
book, music, and lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff
at Greenwich Theatre
Based on the true story of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the so-called 'thrill killers' who murdered a young boy in 1924 in order to commit 'the perfect crime.'
(from 08 Apr 2015 - Closing on 18 Apr 2015)
By Kevin Lee
at Barons Court Theatre
When childhood friend Billy shows up out of the blue, there are questions which need to be answered as to his whereabouts over the last two years. As more is revealed into Billy’s sudden reappearance, a heated argument unfolds in trying to find the truth behind Afghanistan, and what it means to lose somebody at war.
(from 17 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
By Alan Ayckbourn
at Tabard Theatre
When Gerry Stratton plans a family meal out with his two grown up sons to celebrate his wife Laura’s 54th birthday and proposes an almost prophetic toast to ‘happy times’, he has no idea of the events that will unfold over the course of that evening.
(from 03 Mar 2015 - Closing on 28 Mar 2015)
by Harper Lee, adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel
at Richmond Theatre
Jem and Scout’s idyllic childhood innocence is shattered by the realisation that prejudice rules their town when their father defends a young black man falsely accused of raping a white woman and the family becomes a target of gossip and abuse.
(from 12 May 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
by Stephen Wyatt
at Jermyn Street Theatre
Three encounters between three gay men in their early sixties in a restaurant where neither the menu nor the decor are ever the same. After years alone, following the death of his lover, Colin is planning to marry his nineteen year-old Turkish boyfriend. Is it love, lust or loneliness which drives him? And is Achmed simply a gold-digger in search of a UK passport.
(from 09 Jun 2015 - Closing on 04 Jul 2015)
By Reginald Rose
at Richmond Theatre
Follows twelve jurors who have murder on their minds and a life in their hands as they decide the fate of a young delinquent accused of killing his father. But what appears to be an open and shut case soon becomes a dilemma for the twelve, as their prejudices and preconceived ideas about the accused, the trial and each other turn the tables every which way, until the nail-biting climax...
(from 27 Apr 2015 - Closing on 02 May 2015)
by Andy Collyer
at Old Red Lion Theatre
Simon is lost, abandoned by James, his partner of twenty-three years. He is alone for the first time, until he finds Ben, the great love of his life, a young man seventeen years his junior, and finds himself rejuvenated and fulfilled in a way he never knew possible.
(from 28 Apr 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
adapted by Robin Norton-Hale
at Tricycle Theatre
The story of Violetta, a so-called ‘fallen woman’ who sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of her lover’s family and future, this production is set in the 1920s underworld of speakeasies and bootlegging and reveals the hypocrisy and heartache behind the glittering façade of parties.
(from 22 Jun 2015 - Closing on 04 Jul 2015)
By DBC Pierre, adapted for the stage by Tanya Ronder
at The Space
Fifteen-year-old Vernon Gregory Little is in trouble. His best friend, Jesus Navarro, has massacred sixteen of their classmates before turning his gun on himself - and the townsfolk of the tiny, flea-bitten town of Martirio need someone to blame.
(from 24 Mar 2015 - Closing on 11 Apr 2015)
by Drew Fornarola and Scott Elmegreen
at London Theatre Workshop
VOTE FOR ME is a musicalized Presidential debate where you pick the winner. Candidates dance and sing their way through the three-ring circus of American politics, and audiences cast their votes to help determine the outcome of the show.
(from 05 May 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
By Morgan Lloyd Malcolm
at Hampstead Theatre - Downstairs
Heather and Carla haven’t seen each other since school. Their lives have taken very different paths - Carla lives a hand to mouth existence while Heather has a high-flying career, husband and a beautiful home....
(from 29 Jan 2015 - Closing on 07 Mar 2015)
By Harry Denford
at The London Theatre
Two plays connected by one character focusing on the lesser known true stories of Nazi Germany.
(from 17 Mar 2015 - Closing on 22 Mar 2015)
By Phoebe Eclair-Powell
at Theatre503
John is a 27 year old teacher ‘who probably wasn’t allowed to teach at an all girls’ school’ and Mark is his 16 year old ‘Olympic porn watching’ pupil. A normal week in their normal lives – school, eat, TV, sleep, repeat. Except in an age of twisted technology and possible profiles, the life Mark really wants is only a click away… but what happens when that life already belongs to John?
(from 10 Mar 2015 - Closing on 04 Apr 2015)
WITHOUT RELUCTANCE AND WITHOUT RELIEF (Three Monologues: Without Reluctance and Without Relief / You Take the 321 / Again)
By Howard Colyer
at Jack Studio Theatre
Without Reluctance and Without Relief: a man seeks to cope when the world shifts beyond his understanding.
You Take the 321: a woman takes on a flat and a tenant more mysterious than any she had imagined.
Again: a man tries to recover once more from an attempt to help his girlfriend’s career.
(from 24 Feb 2015 - Closing on 28 Feb 2015)
Music by James McConnell, Lyrics by Paul Leigh, Book by Carl Miller
at London Theatre Workshop
Yarico, an Amerindian beauty, is a young woman with great dreams and a fierce, independent spirit. When Inkle, the third son of a British merchant is shipwrecked on her island, he faces certain death at the hands of the islanders. In a courageous act, Yarico intervenes and saves him from his fate, marking the beginning of an extraordinary love story, which ultimately takes them to the island of Barbados.
(from 17 Feb 2015 - Closing on 14 Mar 2015)


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