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by Eugene O'Neill
at Young Vic Theatre (Main House)
This is an account of family life in 1906 Connecticut. The action follows the teenage tribulations of Richard Miller and touches on memory, trust, love and the painful process of growing up.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Booking to 23 May 2015)
By David Mamet
at Wyndham's Theatre
As three small-time crooks, Donny Dubrow, Walter 'Teach' Cole and Bobby plan one big-time heist, a tragedy of errors spins this razor-sharp and darkly funny play into a blistering account of divided loyalties, insatiable greed… and a coveted Buffalo nickel.
(from 16 Apr 2015 - Booking to 27 Jun 2015)
by Tim Crouch
at Temporary Theatre, National Theatre
An intricate story of loss and suggestion performed by two people: the playwright himself and a different second actor at each performance – an actor who will have neitherseen nor read a word of the play they’re in until they’re in it.
(from 23 Jun 2015 - Closing on 11 Jul 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at Olivier, National Theatre

(from Exp Nov 2015 - Booking to )
by Peter Morgan
at Apollo Theatre
For sixty years Elizabeth II has met each of her twelve Prime Ministers in a weekly audience at Buckingham Palace - a meeting like no other in British public life - it is private. Both parties have an unspoken agreement never to repeat what is said. Not even to their spouses. The Audience breaks this contract of silence - and imagines a series of pivotal meetings between the Downing Street incumbents and their Queen.
(from 21 Apr 2015 - Booking to 25 Jul 2015)
by Euripides in a new version by Anne Carson
at Almeida Theatre (Off West End)
Pentheus has banned the wild, ritualistic worship of the god Dionysos. A stranger arrives to persuade him to change his mind. Euripides’ electrifying tragedy is a struggle to the death between freedom and restraint, the rational and the irrational, man and god.
(from 23 Jul 2015 - Closing on 19 Sep 2015)
by David Hare based on the book by Katherine Boo
at Olivier, National Theatre
India is surging with global ambition. But beyond the luxury hotels surrounding Mumbai airport lies a makeshift slum, full of people with plans of their own. Zehrunisa and her son Abdul aim to recycle enough rubbish to fund a proper house.
(from 10 Nov 2014 - Booking to 05 May 2015)
by Alexander Zeldin
at Temporary Theatre, National Theatre
Four people arrive to work. They meet for the first time. They are employed as cleaners, by a temp agency. All are on zero-hours contracts. Through investigation and first hand experience, Alexander Zeldin's brutally honest play exposes stories of an invisible class.
(from 28 Apr 2015 - Closing on 16 May 2015)
by William Ivory
at Trafalgar Studios 2
Former RAF gunner Jimmy finds his routine disrupted when sensitive care assistant David arrives and his cantankerous outlook and colourful language seem to be more than David can handle. As Jimmy increasingly snaps back to the adrenaline-fuelled terror of his WWII bombing raids, and David's new found faith is tested to breaking point, both men discover that a lasting peace is not easily won.
(from 20 Apr 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
by Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and the company
at Temporary Theatre, National Theatre
A fearless company of teenagers investigate the workings of the adolescent brain in a new piece from one of the UK’s leading companies making theatre with young people.
(from 21 Jul 2015 - Closing on 25 Jul 2015)
By Laurence Lynch
at Leicester Square Theatre (Lounge)
A look at human relationships and the way that lives can quickly unravel when dreams and real life collide. Set in working class London, Burnt Oak, that gives the play its name.
(from 21 Apr 2015 - Closing on 17 May 2015)
based on the novel by Mark Haddon, adapted by Simon Stephens
at Gielgud Theatre
Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears’ dead dog. It has been speared with a garden fork, it is seven minutes after midnight and Christopher is under suspicion....
(from 24 Jun 2014 - Booking to 24 Oct 2015)
by Arthur Miller
at Noel Coward Theatre
(formerly Albery)

In the land of the free, each man is in charge of his own destiny. Willy Loman knows and cherishes this truth. After a life of honest hard work, it's Willy's birthright to retire with his loving wife and watch his two athletic, handsome sons continue his legacy.
(from 09 May 2015 - Closing on 18 Jul 2015)
by Bernard Pomerance
at Haymarket Theatre Royal
Based on the real life of Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man tells the story of a 19th-century British man who became a star of the traveling freak show circuit.
(from 19 May 2015 - Closing on 08 Aug 2015)
by John Osborne
at Garrick Theatre
Set against the backdrop of post-war Britain, John Osborne's modern classic conjures the seedy glamour of the old music halls for an explosive examination of public masks and private torment.
(from 20 Aug 2016 - Booking to 12 Nov 2016)
by Wallace Shawn
at Dorfman, National Theatre

(from Expected Nov 2015 - Booking to )
a new adaptation by Carol Ann Duffy
at Olivier, National Theatre
Everyman is successful, popular and riding high when Death comes calling. He is forced to abandon the life he has built and embark on a last, frantic search to recruit a friend, anyone, to speak in his defence. But Death is close behind, and time is running out. Everyman asks whether it is only in death that we can understand our lives.
(from 22 Apr 2015 - Closing on 30 Aug 2015)
By Claire van Kampen
at Duke of York's Theatre
Set in eighteen-century Spain and Italy, tells the true story of Farinelli, the world’s most famous castrato, and his decision to trade fame and fortune for a live of servitude at the court of King Philip V.
(from 14 Sep 2015 - Closing on 05 Dec 2015)
by Suzanne Andrade
at Trafalgar Studios 1
Golem follows the life of extraordinarily ordinary Robert Robertson, whose life is irrevocably disrupted when he buys a golem – a creature who will improve the efficiency of his daily affairs. But when Robert upgrades to superior model Golem 2, the show questions what happens when man is no longer in control of machine.
(from 14 Apr 2015 - Closing on 22 May 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at Barbican Theatre
As a country arms itself for war, a family tears itself apart. Forced to revenge his father’s death but paralysed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament, threatening both his sanity and the security of the state.
(from 05 Aug 2015 - Closing on 31 Oct 2015)
by Tom Stoppard
at Dorfman, National Theatre
Hilary, a young psychology researcher at a brain science institute, is nursing a private sorrow and a troubling question at work, where psychology and biology meet. If there is nothing but matter, what is consciousness?
(from 21 Jan 2015 - Booking to 27 May 2015)
by Caryl Churchill
at Dorfman, National Theatre

(from Expected Dec 2015 - Booking to )
By Helen Edmundson
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
A telling of the life of seventeenth-century Mexican nun and playwright Juana Ines de la Cruz.
(from 31 Jul 2015 - Closing on 05 Sep 2015)
By Jacqueline Wilson; Adapted for the stage by Emma Reeves
at Duke of York's Theatre
Hetty Feather is a story-telling adventure. It is the first historical work by Wilson that makes the trials of nineteenth century life accessible to children through her compelling heroine. Join Hetty as she takes on Victorian London and overcomes all in her search to find her real mother and a true family of her own.
(from 06 Aug 2015 - Closing on 06 Sep 2015)
by DH Lawrence, adapted by Ben Power
at Dorfman, National Theatre

(from Expected Oct 2015 - Booking to )
based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte and devised by the Company
at Lyttelton, National Theatre
From her beginnings as a destitute orphan, Jane Eyre’s spirited heroine faces life’s obstacles head-on, surviving poverty, injustice and the discovery of bitter betrayal before taking the ultimate decision to follow her heart.
(from 08 Sep 2015 - Booking to 25 Oct 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Richard the Lionheart is dead. His less than heroic brother, John, is determined to keep his grasp on the English throne, in spite of the stronger claims of his nephew, the young Prince Arthur. Increasingly threatened by Arthur’s supporters at home and in France, John finds the answer to his woes: he will blind the boy with hot irons.
(from 01 Jun 2015 - Closing on 27 Jun 2015)
By Robert Khan & Tom Salinsky
at Above the Arts Theatre
Former Mayor of London Max Newman is a seasoned politician, scruffy, energetic, seemingly chaotic immensely charming and very ambitious. As the top job becomes vacant, Max knows his time may well have come. He needs to make his move but he also needs someone to stand against so it doesn’t appear to be a shoo-in. Into the frame comes Dan Regan. Young and impressive ...
(from 04 May 2015 - Closing on 23 May 2015)
By Marguerite Duras
at Young Vic Theatre (The Maria)
An estranged husband and wife return to the town where they once lived to finalise their divorce. Meeting by chance in a hotel bar they spend the night struggling to understand each other, caught between desire and recrimination.
(from 24 Sep 2015 - Closing on 17 Oct 2015)
by Caryl Churchill
at Lyttelton, National Theatre
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire tells the story of the men and women who went into battle for the soul of England. It speaks of the revolution we never had and the legacy it left behind.
(from 15 Apr 2015 - Closing on 22 Jun 2015)
by William Golding adapted by Nigel Williams
at Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
With a group of schoolboys stranded on a desert island, what starts as an adventure becomes a struggle for survival as superstition and immorality sees the community slide into a darkly sinister world.
(from 03 Sep 2015 - Closing on 12 Sep 2015)
by August Wilson
at Lyttelton, National Theatre

(from Expected Jan 2016 - Booking to )
by William Shakespeare
at Young Vic Theatre (Main House)
Betrayal, jealousy and suspicion reign in Scotland as Shakespeare’s tragedy of the desperate desire for power is redrawn in an ambitious new staging.
(from 26 Nov 2015 - Booking to 16 Jan 2016)
MACBETH (in Cantonese)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
When three witches tell Macbeth that he is destined to occupy the throne of Scotland, he and his wife kill the first man standing in their path, the virtuous King Duncan. But to maintain his position, Macbeth must keep on killing – first Banquo, his old comrade-in-arms; then, as the atmosphere of guilt and paranoia thickens, anyone who seems to threaten his tyrant’s crown.
(from 17 Aug 2015 - Closing on 23 Aug 2015)
by Bernard Shaw
at Lyttelton, National Theatre
Jack Tanner, celebrated radical thinker and rich bachelor seems an unlikely choice as guardian to the alluring heiress, Ann. But she takes it in her assured stride and, despite the love of a poet, she decides to marry and tame this dazzling revolutionary...
(from 17 Feb 2015 - Closing on 17 May 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, departs from his kingdom suddenly and inexplicably, resigning power to his deputy Angelo in his absence. Under Angelo's rule, a vigorous campaign against lechery and sexual licence begins.
(from 20 Jun 2015 - Closing on 17 Oct 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at Young Vic Theatre (Main House)
In a Vienna heaving with sex and corruption, even the authorities are up to no good. The Duke has left deputy Angelo to clean up the city’s reputation, whilst he observes in disguise. Abusing his power, Angelo forces young nun Isabella to choose between saving her brother’s life or breaking her vow of chastity.
(from 02 Oct 2015 - Booking to 07 Nov 2015)
by Euripides in a new version by Rachel Cusk
at Almeida Theatre (Off West End)
Medea’s marriage is breaking up. And so is everything else. Testing the limits of revenge and liberty, Euripides’ seminal play cuts to the heart of gender politics and asks what it means to be a woman and a wife.
(from 25 Sep 2015 - Closing on 14 Nov 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
The tale of the Shylock the Jew who battles to reclaim his pound of flesh.
(from 23 Apr 2015 - Closing on 07 Jun 2015)
by Stephen Adly Guirgis
at Lyttelton, National Theatre
Things are looking up for Jackie. He's out of jail and staying clean thanks to his sponsor. He might even have found a job. And of course there's Veronica, who he's loved since 8th grade. Nothing could come between them - except a hat.
(from 10 Jun 2015 - Booking to 20 Aug 2015)
by Agatha Christie
at St Martin's Theatre
A group of people gathered together in a remote part of the countryside discover there is a murderer in their midst. The question is which one of them is the guilty party.
(from 25 Mar 1974 - Booking to 19 Dec 2015)
By Jessica Swale
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
This new play charts the rise and rise of brilliant wit and charmer Nell Gwynn, from lowly satsuma-seller in the pit, to leading actress on the stage, to King's escort in the Royal Box.
(from 19 Sep 2015 - Closing on 17 Oct 2015)
By Jennifer Haley
at Duke of York's Theatre
The Nether offers complete freedom - a new virtual wonderland providing total sensory immersion. Just log in, choose an identity and indulge your every desire. An intricate crime drama and a haunting thriller set in the year 2050, The Nether follows an investigation into the complicated, disturbing morality of identity in the digital world, and explores the consequences of making dreams a reality.
(from 30 Jan 2015 - Booking to 25 Apr 2015)
By Caryl Churchill
at Young Vic Theatre (The Maria)
When Bernard discovers he’s not an only child – as he was brought up to believe – but one of a number of clones, he must confront his father, Salter, and his own fears. Caryl Churchill puts the ethical implications of great scientific leaps under the spotlight as Bernard is left reeling from the news and Salter questions the choices he’s made.
(from 03 Jul 2015 - Closing on 08 Aug 2015)
By Derek Walcott
at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
The piece transplants Achille, Hector and Helen to a St Lucian fishing village, underscoring their domestic dramas with broader themes of colonialism, ritual and untamed nature.
(from 26 Oct 2015 - Closing on 31 Oct 2015)
By Tom Morton-Smith
at Vaudeville Theatre
Tells the story of ‘the father of the atomic bomb’ J.Robert Oppenheimer, taking us into the heart of the Manhattan Project and revealing the personal cost of making history.
(from 27 Mar 2015 - Booking to 23 May 2015)
by Aeschylus in a new version created by Robert Icke
at Almeida Theatre (Off West End)
Orestes’ parents are at war. A family drama spanning several decades, a huge, moving, bloody saga, Aeschylus’ greatest and final play asks whether justice can ever be done – and continues to resonate more than two millennia after it was written.
(from 29 May 2015 - Closing on 18 Jul 2015)
by Aeschylus, adapted by Rory Mullarkey
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Before setting out for the Trojan War, King Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia. Many years later, when Agamemnon returns to his palace, his adulterous Queen Clytemnestra takes her revenge by brutally murdering him and installing her lover on the throne. How will the gods judge Orestes, their estranged son, who must avenge his father’s death by murdering his mother?
(from 29 Aug 2015 - Closing on 16 Oct 2015)
by Timberlake Wertenbaker
at Olivier, National Theatre
Observed by a lone, mystified Aboriginal Australian, the first convict ship arrives in Botany Bay in 1788, crammed with England’s outcasts. Colony discipline in this vast and alien land is brutal. Three proposed public hangings incite an argument: how best to keep the criminals in line, the noose or a more civilised form of entertainment?
(from 19 Aug 2015 - Booking to 17 Oct 2015)
by Duncan Macmillan
at Dorfman, National Theatre
Emma was having the time of her life. Now she’s in rehab. Her first step is to admit that she has a problem. But the problem isn’t with Emma, it’s with everything else. She needs to tell the truth. But she’s smart enough to know that there’s no such thing. When intoxication feels like the only way to survive the modern world, how can she ever sober up?
(from 25 Aug 2015 - Booking to 10 Oct 2015)
By J M Barrie
at Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
Using Barrie's original script, this is the classic British tale of the boy who refuses to grow up and the Darling family's adventure in Neverland.
(from 15 May 2015 - Closing on 14 Jun 2015)
by Alistair McDowall
at Temporary Theatre, National Theatre
Ollie’s sister is missing. Searching Manchester in desperation, she finds all roads lead to Pomona, an abandoned concrete island at the heart of the city. Here at the centre of everything, journeys end and nightmares are born.
(from 10 Sep 2015 - Closing on 10 Oct 2015)
by Patrick Marber
at Dorfman, National Theatre
Small-time semi-pro football, the non-league. A world away from the wealth and the television cameras. A young player touched with brilliance arrives from nowhere. An ambitious manager determines to make him his own. And the old soul of the club still has dreams of glory. A new play about the dying romance of the great English game - and the tender, savage love that powers it.
(from 03 Jun 2015 - Booking to 30 Sep 2015)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
King Richard banishes his noblemen and seizes their land to fuel his own wars. As anger mounts, a battle for the soul of England begins and one man's divine right to rule is called into question
(from 11 Jul 2015 - Closing on 18 Oct 2015)
RICHARD III (in Mandarin)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Tragedy depicting the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of Richard III of England.
(from 20 Jul 2015 - Closing on 25 Jul 2015)
by Roald Dahl, adapted by Enda Walsh
at Royal Court Theatre - Jerwood Theatre Downstairs
Mischievously adapted from one of the world's most loved books, Enda Walsh turns The Twits upside down and brings this revolting revolution to the Royal Court Theatre stage.
(from 07 Apr 2015 - Closing on 31 May 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at Garrick Theatre
Shakespeare's heartbreaking tale of forbidden love.
(from 12 May 2016 - Booking to 13 Aug 2016)
By William Shakespeare
at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
A violent street brawl between their rival families is the prelude to Romeo’s first encounter with Juliet. Despite this, and the fact that Juliet has been promised to another, they fall in love. But any plans for their future happiness are cruelly destroyed by renewed violence between their families, and tragedy begins to unfold.
(from 27 Apr 2015 - Closing on 08 May 2015)
by Sam Holcroft
at Dorfman, National Theatre
Everyone creates their own coping strategies or rules for living. But what happens when an extended family gathers in the kitchen for a traditional Christmas and they each follow those rules, rigidly?
(from 13 Mar 2015 - Booking to 08 Jul 2015)
by Anton Chekhov in a new version by Torben Betts
at Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
As guests assemble at a country house for the staging of an avant-garde open air play, artistic temperaments ignite a more entertaining drama behind the scenes, with romantic jealousies, self-doubt and the ruthless pursuit of happiness confusing lives, loves and literature.
(from 19 Jun 2015 - Closing on 11 Jul 2015)
by Simon Stephens
at Young Vic Theatre (Main House)
Returning home to Amsterdam after the death of his brother, a young man (played by Eelco Smits) attempts to reconnect with his sibling through a series of letters.
(from 03 Sep 2015 - Booking to 19 Sep 2015)
By Steve Waters
at Donmar Warehouse
A fictional account, inspired by the Occupy London movement in 2011.
(from 21 May 2015 - Closing on 25 Jul 2015)
By Simon Armitage
at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
This modern retelling of Homer's epic follows a government minister on a diplomatic mission to Istanbul, who becomes Europe's most wanted man after a bar brawl. Suddenly plunged into the past, he must grapple his way back to the present and to his family, fighting for survival against unworldly beings and unnatural phenomena.
(from 03 Nov 2015 - Closing on 14 Nov 2015)
By Jessica Swale
at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
Jessica Swale's exploration of the life and work of the celebrated English composer follows him through the religious and political shifts of four Tudor monarchies
(from 22 Oct 2015 - Closing on 08 Nov 2015)
by Patrick Marber, adapted from A Month in the Country by Ivan Turgenev
at Lyttelton, National Theatre
Russia. A beautiful country estate. The mid-nineteenth century. A handsome new tutor brings reckless, romantic desire to an eccentric household. Over three days one summer the young and the old will learn lessons in love: first love and forbidden love, maternal love and platonic love, ridiculous love and last love. The love left unsaid and the love which must out.
(from 21 Jul 2015 - Booking to 21 Oct 2015)
by Harper Lee, adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel
at Barbican Theatre
Jem and Scout’s idyllic childhood innocence is shattered by the realisation that prejudice rules their town when their father defends a young black man falsely accused of raping a white woman and the family becomes a target of gossip and abuse.
(from 24 Jun 2015 - Closing on 25 Jul 2015)
by Franz Kafka adapted by Nick Gill
at Young Vic Theatre (Main House)
In his thirtieth year K. lives a waking nightmare. Visited at home by state agents on his birthday, accused of an unspecified crime, K. is bewildered by spiraling layers of bureaucracy – and the more sinister motives which lurk beneath them.
(from 19 Jun 2015 - Booking to 08 Aug 2015)
By Jim Cartwright
at Above the Arts Theatre
A playful, confessional and moving account of human relationships in the heart of their community - the pub.
(from 08 Apr 2015 - Closing on 22 Apr 2015)
By James Graham
at Donmar Warehouse
The General Election, 7 May 2015: 20.30-22.00. A fictional London polling station. Set in the final ninety minutes of polling day 2015, live and in real time.
(from 24 Apr 2015 - Closing on 07 May 2015)
based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford
at New London Theatre
At the outbreak of World War One, Joey, young Albert’s beloved horse, is sold to the cavalry and shipped to France. But Albert cannot forget Joey and, still not old enough to enlist, he embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home.
(from 28 Mar 2009 - Booking to 13 Feb 2016)
by Harley Granville Barker
at Lyttelton, National Theatre

(from Expected Nov 2015 - Booking to )
by RashDash and Alice Birch
at Temporary Theatre, National Theatre
This is about pornography. This is an interview. This is an intervention. This is an interrogation. We’re recording now. We want to pull its plug out. We want to stop its heartbeat. We want to blow its brains out and begin again. We know exactly what we’re doing. We’re not stupid.
(from 11 Jun 2015 - Closing on 11 Jul 2015)
by William Shakespeare
at Garrick Theatre
Shakespeare's timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption is reimagined in a new production
(from 17 Oct 2015 - Booking to 16 Jan 2016)
by Stephen Mallatratt from the novel by Susan Hill
at Fortune Theatre
Arthur Kipps , a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, the house's sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows.
(from 07 Jun 1989 - Booking to 16 Jan 2016)

at Young Vic Theatre (The Maria)
Delving into the murky history and contemporary reality of the garment industry, World Factory provokes a conversation about consumer capitalism and ethical trade in relation to China. Audiences become factory managers, calling the shots on profits, products and workers - and are asked to decide for themselves what success means.
(from 11 May 2015 - Closing on 30 May 2015)
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